Get a Role in a Play

Nail the Audition: How to Get a Role in a Play

No matter whether you are an advanced actor or a beginner only, you know it is sometimes difficult to nail the audition to get a role. As everybody wants to stand out, to bring something new to each character, implementing those acting techniques which have never been used before (which is not true).

Today, we’re going to talk about what you can do to improve your acting skills, prepare for an audition, and get the desired role in a theatre.Get a Role in a Play

So, let’s get started.

Theatre Lessons: How to get a Role

  • Castings. To get a role in the theatre you have to be ready to go on as many castings as you can. This is not only the fastest way to get a role but also a good chance to gain experience and to learn to feel comfortable and confident on the auditions.
  • Clothing. Don’t overdress. If you’re going to play a role of a princess, don’t come to the audition in a costume of a princess. If it is a dancing part, wear your regular dancing clothes. But don’t appear in a full costume.
  • Practice your improvisation acting skills. It is acting on the pot, which is completely unscripted. For this, use your mind, body, and move around. And, of course, use a mirror.
  • Spice up a script or a song. Take your script or song and read it until you feel it. Don’t start singing or acting directly. Always try to understand the character you want to play. It should feel like expressing your own thoughts. Then, shift and play with different words you find important within a line. Express everything in your own authentic way.
  • Even if you make a mistake in the script or in the song, don’t show it on the audition. Try not to react to your own mistakes. That is what performing is.
  • Do multiple exercises to master your performing emotions. For example, for happiness, you should do a laughing exercise. Start laughing like different famous characters, animals, etc. Slowly the true emotion of happiness and laugh begins to flow. The same way you can master all other existed emotions. Do it in groups or in front of the mirror.
  • Practice with an audience. Even if you feel comfortable practicing alone, always do it with an audience before the casting day. You don’t want to feel completely frozen standing in front of 20 or even 30 people on the actual casting. The more you perform with an audience, the better.
  • Have no expectations. If you come to the auditions with the expectations to get a role only, you burden yourself too much. That’s what doesn’t allow you to relax and to feel comfortable. Just be prepared to go into the audition room with confidence.

All in all, we hope that with a little preparation, you’re going to walk into that room absolutely ready.