The Best Christmas Shows at the Wichita Theate

The Wichita Theater, in Kansas, is one of the best places in vicinity to entertain your kids or spend a perfect family weekend. Only the best musical plays, a lot of fun, nice Christmas musical plays will be really enjoyed by kids, elementary and primary school students. The most interesting stories in the world, like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or the Nutcracker were adapted for Christmas and New Year time with favorite Christmas music, songs and kids’ participation. All this will make your Christmas vacations just unforgettable!

A Christmas Story

Not only your children but you, adults, do really know that Christmas time – time for miracles, fairytales, surprises. With a very beautiful music, with only best performance by actors you will really enjoy this story… Which, for sure, is possible only in Christmas time!


Cinderella is a beautiful girl with very kind hurt. But her evil stepmother and stepsisters  made her a servant in her own home. All difficult housework on her responsibility – big house, kitchen, storage…. Too much work for such a tender beauty. But like any girl she lives with dreams about happiness and someday finding her true love. And you will see if her dreams come true.


The fascinating musical fairy tale Aladdin tells the story of a young Baghdad boy Aladdin who is looking for happiness. But the road to love is not an easy one! Princess Budur is very beautiful and a lot of men want to be with her. Let’s see if love overcomes all laws and obstacles…And who and what will help Aladdin?


Tarzan not only survived in the wild jungle, but also became their King. Thus, it was not difficult for him to adapt to life in London. But fate prepared him new tests, and one day he would return to the jungle again to compare wild world and world of people… It will be very difficult to do this since the life of his beloved woman is in danger. And those who had decided to declare war on him, completely forgot that they have to confront the King of the jungle…

Sleeping Beauty

In a very far and magical land, the king and queen cherish their long-awaited daughter Princess Aurora. The whole kingdom celebrated her birth, and three good fairies presented newborn with their magic gifts. And only the evil witch was unhappy with this event and cast a spell on the child. She said that the girl would die from a spindle shot, as soon as she turns 16 years. The good fairy tried to cancel the curse, but could only change it – the princess will not die, but will sleep until she is kissed by the prince in love.


All this bright shows will remind you and your children once again about eternal values – love, friendship and peace.

The Best Plays at the Wichita Theater

The United States of America is a  homeland for the most creative industries. There are many theaters all around the country. American industry is mainly known in filmmaking but it has far more to offer. Texas is an excellent place to enjoy fine American produced entertainment. Visit the Wichita theater in order to enjoy the best plays!

Enjoy Excellent Shows at the Wichita Theater

The Wichita theater repertoire is characterized by:

  • spectacular plays. Whatever the arts genre is, the final product will be masterly made. If you go to watch an American musical, you can be sure to enjoy it!
  • modern interpretations of classic plot. Even classic literary masterpieces find its second life at the Wichita theater. It is the place where good old fairy tales and stories get modernized.

Terry Burrell as Julie, Delores King Williams as Queenie, and Stephanie Waters as Magnolia in Signature Theatre’s production of Show Boat, running through January 17, Photo credit: Scott Suchman.

So, it is an excellent example of a place to visit for entertainment. Its shows are spectacular, colourful and in great sound. You and your children will definitely enjoy it! The theater offers many interpretations of best known literary stories: Tarzan, Cinderella, A Christmas story. The last one is very popular before Christmas. At the Wichita theater it is presented as a musical.

The price range for entertainment at the Wichita is quite affordable. The ticket will cost you around 25 dollars for an adult one. If musicals are a bit intensive for you, you are welcome to visit shows. Hunchback of Notre Dame, for example, can be the right choice. You and the children will get a deeper insight into European culture. All spectacles at the theater are really interesting.

Choose the Right Package

If you like the type of entertainment the Wichita proposes buy yourself a adult premium offer. This package costs 175 dollars. It includes access to several shows, family ticket voucher. With it you can visit many more plays.

Similar price for kids package os 85 dollars.  If you are looking to visit the most recent show produced at the Wichita it is Tarzan. Bryson Peterson and Ashlen Loskot play in it. This is the favorite play for visitors of the Wichita Theater. You can enjoy the musical from January. The tickets are available from early December.

In order to check entertainment for 2018 visit www. you will be able to find the relevant information. By the way, the Wichita is always looking for new talents. It holds children audition. Who knows maybe your kid is the next stage star. The most talented children can develop their talent further and participate in some of the plays. The Wichita forms a unique world of entertainment. Your visit to  it will surely be memorable. Enjoy!