How to Start Your Own Theatre

To be a part of a theatre troupe is a real dream for a lot of actors, but only a few allow themselves to think about starting their own theatre. However, this is not that impossible as it may seem.

Today we’re going to talk about main pitfalls and problems you can face when starting your own theatre.

Starting Your Own Theatre and Creating Your Own Show

Firstly, you should realize that almost none of the existing playhouses started big. If you decide to open a theatre you have to be ready to start small. You have to be open to new people and ideas, looking for volunteers who can help to develop and implement your project in different ways. One of the keys to a successful theatre is finding the right place. Once again, we don’t recommend starting from something huge at the very beginning. It may be a room for about 50 people, not more. And, of course, you’ll probably need a specific amount of money for this purpose. One of the popular solutions among playhouse owners is taking a payday loan affiliate program in usa, to cover all the expenses and bills at the very beginning. It shouldn’t be a sky-high sum, but something that can cover basic expenses.

The next issue is costumes and decorations. To save additional money you can hire a seamstress to create costumes instead of renting them every time you have a play. Another important thing you have to think about is a professional choreographer. What we advise is going to your local dance studio and asking if there is someone who doesn’t mind volunteering in your project. Explain to a potential choreographer that this collaboration can be very useful for both of you. He or she may promote himself or herself to a bigger audience, thus getting new potential students to the dance studio. So, when creating a theatre it is good to partner up with other groups, studios, and professionals in your city to work together in order to help and promote each other.

And the last but not the least among crucial elements of your theatre startup is a musical director. It is quite a difficult task to find a musical director. It can be quite pricey for a beginner theatre crew. We recommend talking to your local school music teacher. Maybe he or she would like to help the project or can recommend someone else to work as your musical director. Probably, you’re going to spend a lot of time looking for the right person who will be ready to work in your theatre on a daily basis without high pay until the project is a success.

So, let’s sum up what you need to remember when starting up your own theatre:

  • Volunteers;
  • Place;
  • Money;
  • Costumes;
  • Choreographer;
  • Musical director.

There are hundreds of other smaller issues you will have to deal with every day in order to make your project work and gain popularity. However, if you really dream about it, they must not stop you. Hopefully, these tips will inspire you to open your own theatre very soon.